spring 2017, here’s to you…

Wow. That’s really all I can say to express just how fast this school year has passed by. I know everyone is happy that the semester is over—don’t get me wrong I am happy that the long hours of studying, all-nighters and endless essays are coming to an end for a little bit, but there is something about having a ‘routine’ of the semester and then it just ending. At least for me, my routine changes every semester, which of course seems inevitable considering nothing stays the same, but there’s a certain sadness or a rather bittersweet feeling that comes along with the end of the semester as well, that feeling where you know “wow, nothing will ever be like this again”. Routines change, life goes on, and we adjust accordingly.  After all, life is just a never ending cycle of routines.

As I ate lunch and caught up with my best friend since 6th grade today, we talked about how it felt like that 9th grade geography class we had together was just yesterday, but here we are Senior year of college approaching, and yet everything’s changed but at the same time nothing’s changed at all. This past semester has truly been full of unforgettable times with some of the most amazing people. One of my (favorite) professors left me with a thought that I can’t seem to escape, she said “as for your future I wish you the very best, however, don’t ever settle, if you aren’t getting rejected, you aren’t aiming high enough; being told no is a good thing, it means you have aspirations and goals,  you simply lick your wounds and try again, do what you can’t, take care of yourself, then take care of your family and the rest will fall into place”. So here’s to the people who make life so fun, here’s to the best & to the worst times of our lives, spring 2017 here’s to you…


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