do we have a destination? or are we all just aimlessly walking around?

picture this:  it’s gloomy, wet, cold, and the rain is softly falling, I’m staring out the window from the back of the west campus bus listening to music, pretending I’m in a dramatic music video and not on my way to chemistry.

and what am I thinking?

I’m thinking, wow everyone (literally everyone in this world) is going somewhere. whether that be right now or just life in general, we are always going somewhere. we always have a destination. is this pre-determined? do we have a destiny? how will we ever know? will we EVER know???

honestly, probably not. and I guess that’s okay, because it has to be, but like still the concept is fascinating. the unknown is all we know.

when I think of destiny, I always come back to thinking about my favorite scene from my favorite movie and I’ll leave you with that



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